About Us

Grupo Vuena was born from the struggle to reconcile family and work life, this being the main maxim of our company. Since 2010 we have the desire to grow with our customers professionally. We are characterized by our close and personalized attention, and we are always looking for solutions adapted to the problems and needs of those who are interested in our services.

In 2016 we opened our first workshop on the street and in 2018 we moved to larger facilities that allow us to offer more products and services, since our mission is to continue expanding and acquire avant-garde machinery.

Regina Moretto

Graphic Designer

Esteban De Dieu


¿Why choose Vuena?

¿Why we have better prices than bigger companies?

Being a small company we do not have expenses in infrastructures or salaries, Just as other bigger companies have, all our work is budgeted for hours of work and materials, we do not pass on to the client any costs derived from the maintenance of employees or the company.

We work with several suppliers and we always look for the best price at the time of the work, That's why we do not have a fixed price list on some products,  because we transfer to our clients the offers of the moment of each one of our suppliers.

Does this affect quality?

No, because the materials that we use are the same ones used by large companies, because in most of them we share suppliers and we have the same prices and products as any other company.

We are professionals of the sector with many years of experience and in continuous update. We formed continually and we attended to different national fairs and exhibitions to inform us of the latest new developments in the sector.

What is our added value?

- Treatment personalized

- Experience in the sector of graphic design and advertising

- Best prices

- Professionalism and punctuality

- Speed in making budgets.

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