Important notice COVID-19

Receiving orders

During the entire period of the alarm state, we will continue to serve our customers normally and produce the products they order, as both we and our suppliers continue to work.

We will work and contact telematically and with video conferences if necessary with all our customers

Delivery of physical orders

Our size cannot be open to the public, so it is not possible to pick up printed products from our store. However, the courier services continue to work normally, so we will offer free delivery of all products ordered.

Installations and assemblies

The installations allowed within the alarm state, are the ones that cannot be postponed in the shops that are allowed to open. The rest of the vinyl installations, posters or vehicle signs, will be postponed until the end of the quarantine.

Our responsibility

Due to the latest events related to COVID-19, at Grupo Vuena we have the duty to be socially responsible and take all the measures in our hands to look after our health and that of our clients.

With this point as our main objective, we have developed the following measures to ensure our clients the supply of product in the same way that we have been doing for the last 10 years.

That is why our facilities will be closed to the public and only the essential personnel of our company will have access to ensure the preparation and shipment of orders.

With these measures we want to contribute, even if only to a small extent, to the improvement of the current situation.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

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