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The doming (bossing) consists of depositing a transparent polyuterane resin cup on a printed support.

After drying in an adapted furnace the doming becomes flexible and impermeable.

This protectoa dome resists the climate and increases loc colres giving a new dimension to your graphics.

It protects the printed matter and scatters it thanks to the zoom and volume effect.


• White adhesive glue + resin

• Vinyl adhesive mirror + resin

The thickness of the resin can vary in two identical productions.

Four-color one-sided

• Aqueous adhesive (indoor use)

Doming adhesive interior mirror - For most interior uses of doming on smooth and clean surface

• Acrylic adhesive (indoor and outdoor use)

Standard Adhesive: ORAJET 3164 - For most doming applications on smooth and clean surface

• Ultra-Strong Adhesive

ARLON DPF8000 - Adhesive for all materials, very strong adhesion and resistance to both negative and positive temperatures

• Adhesive doming exterior mirror

For most exterior uses of doming on smooth and clean surface

• Heat-sealable adhesive

Adhesive doming textile, for all textile matrials. It is adhered with the aid of a plate and heat at 1165 °, at medium pressure for 25 seconds approx.


Cut to vector shape (without straight corners)

All shapes possible from your vector files


The resin deposited resists UV rays and all cleaning products.

Respects standards R.O.H.S (directive 2002/95 / EC)

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