Individual plastic tablecloth


The support in polycarbonate is resistant and impermeable

Round ridges prevent the risk of injury

The printing in direct UV ink is done in vitrophanie on the back side of the individual tablecloth.

The application of a support target allows to improve the durability of the four-color process. This option is only available for the prestige tablecloth of 450micras

Luxury tablecloth

250micras Polycarbonate - transparent and anti-glare

1-sided color scheme - rounded corners

Not plastified or plasticized satin or white to 1 side

Size: 39x26cms and 39.5x35cms

Prestige Tablecloth

450micras polycarbonate - look delustrado

1-sided palette - rounded edges

Not plasticized, or without planco support or plastificado 1 face, satin or white to choose.

Size: 39x26cms and 45x35cms

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