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Ecological business card

    Ecological business card

Color papers, made with residues of different agri-food products, citrus, corn, kiwi, olive and grape.

It is an uncoated paper, with 30% recycled fiber and 15% organic matter.

Certified acid free. Biodegradable and recyclable.

1 or 2-sided process color. Straight edges

Standars Formats

  • 8,5x5,4cms
  • 8,2x12,8cms
  • 10,5x14,8cms
  • 9,9x21cms


  • 250grs Crush cítrico
  • 250 Crush Maíz
  • 250 Crush Kiwi
  • 250grs Crush Aceituna
  • 250grs Crush Uva