10 años

LetterPress Business Cards


• Printing procedure
A raised plate before being pressed against the paper. This process, called "typography", is the past of modern printing. Almost 500 years ago, this was the only printing technique. Nowadays, the character of wood or lead has been replaced by the photopolymer plate. This material allows you to print any text or image from a digital file.

• Low effect alleviate
Do not confuse relief, with bas-relief, is a printing technique in which paper is crushed to produce a relief effect. In English, it is called "blind masking".
The combination of bas-relief and printing press produces a very particular result: designers from all over the world have called this process to date on the crest of the "nonconformist" wave. It is the trend of the moment!

• Paper Gund Cotton 600g
For our printing offer, questions and results have selected the Gmund Cotton paper, a 100% cotton paper giving twice the volume.
The flexibility and stability of the fibers of this paper 100% cotton in surprising results, especially in the letterpress. 100% cotton with spectacular results and very particular with typography.

• The production
The LetterPress product uses traditional printing techniques and manual processes: clichés and typographic presses that use craftsmen printers, as the video shows. The carrier used is a fine paper made from cotton. As it is a completely handcrafted process, we want to warn you about some small imperfections that may appear here and there, but nevertheless, the product its "vintage" character: slight color differences, or puncture, etc ... We invite you to read the Tips Of preparing files to reduce or eliminate the technical risks associated with this method of manufacture.


• Can the intensity of low relief be modified?
All the details have the same intensity of bass revive. For this reason the low relief is standard for all orders, its intensity can not be modified.

• Is the low relief marked on the back of the paper?
We have printed on a thick holder of 600 gr. So that it is less noticeable the relive by the back. However, as it is a craft process, we can not guarantee the total absence of the brand.

• Do you want a bas relief, I must specify?
If you want a bass revive, you should work a stand-alone file with solid black color called "bas-relief". The low relief can be applied on the whole card or only part of it.

• Is low relief possible only on part of the elements and the others on a paper level?
The print file may be different from the low relief file.

• Is it possible that some relief without ink is possible?
Yes, the punching can be applied without adding color. In this case, we recommend that the low relief be applied to fairly large objects with thicknesses and spaces marked well (at least 2 millimeters).

• What if I want a high relief?
The low relief should not be confused with embossing. We also offer you a wide selection of products that you can discover in the range of cards and flyers-deplegables.

• What about the back? Is it possible to print on the face and back?
No. Our offer is limited to one-sided.

• Is the paper composed of 2 coated papers?
No. It is not a double-sided paper, it is a single 600-gram paper. Therefore, there is a visible thickness.

• Is it feasible to make a bass relieve 2 faces?
No. The bas-relief can only be applied to one face.

• Can the two sides be seen side-by-side?
It is a single paper, so there is nothing on the side, it is a single thickness.

• Can you print in any color?

• Is it possible to print in a Pantone color?
Yes, All Pantons are available (not bright)

• Can you print photos in color and type?

• Can I make a list of different documents to reduce costs?
No, the letterpress can not have sheets. Each application must be prepared and sent separately at exaprint.es

• Can I print the side?
No. The side printing is not part of the typographer's offer.