Synthetic Vegetable Logo


This logo is composed of synthetic sprouts on a black polyethylene and latex base. To obtain a natural color effect, several sprouts of 4 different shades are mixed together. Each sprout makes this logo a durable product. The plant logo is ideal for indoor and outdoor use because of its high UV resistance.

You can propose this original product to your customers as a logo or indoor and outdoor signage to decorate premises, lobbies, walls, meeting rooms, stands, offices, etc.


- Synthetic plant only (optional laying plane)

- Dibond 3mm + synthetic vegetable (optional sepradores and laying plane)


Black base in polyethylene and latex

25mm sprouts in polyethylene and polypropylene

Mixture of 4 colors: green, dark green, beige and brown (natural color effect)


This product does not require a particular environment. The synthetic plant logo is intended for indoor and outdoor use. The plant structure is flexible, allowing the logo to be placed on a surface that is not completely flat. For more rigidity, you have the possibility to order the logo on an alupanel base.


Colouring plan: drawing of the shape + printing of the placement of the fixations. All on a sheet of paper to "paste" on the wall

Bindings: Piece to be glued on the structure

Weight (without alupanel) 2750g/m2

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