• Carafe hand gel

Carafe hand gel

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Available sizes of carafes

  • Standard 5L
  • Large 20L



Hand hygiene strengthening gel. Based on lactic acid. Suitable for use in the food industry. Cosmetic grade product. Does not contain quaternary ammoniums.


It is a gel that synergistically mixes skin moisturizing agents and ingredients with a sanitizing effect to help keep hands clean and safe from pathogens. It is always recommended to wash the hands with soap and water if there is considerable dirt. When the hands are clean, apply this gel which helps to keep them hydrated and sanitized.

It is part of a unique range based on natural plant ingredients, 100% biodegradable and professional for all daily cleaning and personal care needs. It is a colour and odour free hand sanitizing gel that achieves the highest level of hygiene protection over time. Its special formulation, with a protective action for the skin, makes it a product indicated for food preparation areas and anywhere where hygiene is a necessity. It improves the occupational safety of personnel; it is biodegradable, free of triclosan, benzalkonium chloride or parabens.


 - Harnesses the power of nature to reduce environmental impact and improve your environmental commitment 

- Highly effective in preventing the spread of infection, foodborne disease and protecting the image of your facility.

- Gentle on the skin.

 - Safe and easy to use, as it is an unclassified product that will improve the occupational health of your staff.

- Non-scented to protect quality in food preparation


Technical data:

Appearance: colorless gel of high

Viscosity Odour: characteristic

pH (at 100%): 3 ± 0.5

Density: 1.02± 0.01 g/ml at 20ºC

Instructions for use:

Apply to healthy skin. External use. The product is used pure, a small amount is enough to rub your hands together. Solution ready for use. Scrubbing the interdigital spaces and fingers until dry. Do not rinse. Use only if hands are not visibly dirty or contaminated. Avoid contact with the eyes.

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