• Wall flag

Wall flag

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    Complete pack consisting of horizontal flag, pole and wall base.

    The flag has a size of 150x100 cm offering a perfect space for personalization with your colors and / or designs.

    You can purchase the flag separately, customizing the measurements and finishes, and the loose wall pole.

    There is also the possibility of buying wall flags in a pack that includes: flag, pole and base.

    The 150 x 100 cm rectangular flag is made of 100% polyester fabric and its design is customizable.

    The aluminum mast is height adjustable from 85 to 150 centimeters in length and finished in a ball.

    The base is adjustable 180 degrees. Being able to adopt different vertical, horizontal or 45º positions with respect to the wall on which it is installed.

    Indicated for your clients who are public institutions or for companies that want to attract attention at street level: shops, hairdressers, agencies, hotels, etc.

    This type of flags and their supports are suitable for not obstructing the passage on narrow roads without losing their attractiveness.

    Flag features

    • Horizontal rectangular banner with rings.
    • Dimensions: 150x100cm.
    • 100% Polyester Fabric Flag: 115 gr / m2
    • Weaving: 50% weft and 50% warp
    • Sewn in double stitching with special thread for the outside
    • Double hem with a width of 10 mm.
    • 7mm symmetrical double stitching (1.5mm from the edges).
    • Stitch width: 5mm.
    • Anti-pollution surface treatment.

    Mast characteristics

    • Anodized aluminum mast.
    • Color: Metallic gray.
    • Adjustable from 85 cm to 150 cm.
    • Ball finish.

    Base features

    • Base included.
    • Square white lacquered base, rounded at the corners, 8x8 cm.
    • Adjustable base up to 180º to be able to adjust the position of the flagpole and the flag at the desired angle.

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