Vegetal corporeal letters on Mallorca


The stabilized plant concept consists of replacing the sap of a flower or a plant with an inert, environmentally friendly substance. This technique is the fruit of more than 30 years of research: it allows to preserve the original appearance of the vegetable without needing any maintenance.


The plant does not require any special maintenance, water, light, fertilizers or soil.

Trees and shrubs do not lose their leaves. There is no need to prune or maintain them.

The substrate does not fear temperature changes or drafts and does not release toxins.


Lichen Reno: Called "Lichen reindeer", this moss grows in the forests of northern Europe. It is harvested by hand respecting the plant and its surroundings. Available in 8 colors

Wood Moss: Species very present in the forest, which grows in many microhabitats. The plant forms dense bushes with sufficient intertwined strands.

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