Extendable Silver 3.0 Display

  • 301.29€

  • Ex Tax: 249.00€


We desing it?


1-sided canvas printed with Latex quality, up to 250 cm wide.
Optionally printed on Fabric, up to 300 cm wide. Get rid of important parts of the design 11cm. up and down, so they don't match the seam.
Possibility of requesting a special bespoke estimate of 100/250 cm in height by 150/300 cm in width. (budgets@impredigital.com)
Banner display with the widest format in the range, ideal for any type of exhibition, with a more robust structure for greater resistance.
Telescopic mast adjustable in height and width.
It is easily disassembled for transport.
Finished in silver color.
Including the transport bag of the exhibitor.
Send the files tailored to the requested model, 240x240cm. or 300x240cm.

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