Custom T-Shirts

Work clothes offer a multitude of advantages in a company, one of them the comfort of our employees. The daily routine is already complicated enough to add the fact that you have to choose clothes every day. Work uniforms allow employees to save time and move on to more important things. Also a plus of the work clothes is that it is made with materials and textiles that do not usually need ironing, saving more time and money for our workers.

Also, workwear is also of great importance for the brand itself. Workwear gives a unified corporate appearance, a good feeling in the eyes of customers and potential consumers. Thinking about this kind of thing generates confidence in your customers, and customers who trust your work attract new customers.

That's why we offer personalized advertising t-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts, as well as personalized work clothes, polar linings, and cold hats. We also have sportswear and a huge range of textiles at the best prices. We don't forget the little ones either, that's why we have personalized t-shirts for children.



In order to give you a quote it is necessary to send us an email to indicating:
- Quantity of desired garments
- Model of desired garment
- Design that you want to print
- Places where you want to print the design .

We mainly work with the following brands and you can download the 2018 catalogues by clicking on the top of each image. If you are looking for something special that is not in the catalogues, contact us, as we work with many more brands.


Catalog     (More than 25 units)

Catalog  (More than 25 units)

Custom t-shirts

Men's T-shirts and polo shirts in the advertising field will find t-shirts of all types and characteristics for men.

Winter clothes

Men's and women's clothing to combat the cold in the middle of winter. Jackets, windcheaters and polar fleece in various sizes and colors.

Sport clothes

Breathable technical t-shirts and their drying is immediate. We also have sports jackets and trousers.

Work clothes

Clothes for waiters with aprons, shirts and pants. Also vests both working with multi-pockets and quilts.


The caps at the same time that protect us from the sun are very visible in advertising and marking your cap with the technique of digital embroidery is a great choice.

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