Custom photo blinds


If you want to give a personal and original touch to the decoration of your office, we recommend the custom roller blinds. This type of blind allows you to regulate the passage of light and achieve privacy in the internal spaces of your work, additionally you can print on them the image or photograph that you like to decorate with the personality of your brand

Rechargeable battery motor + remote control option (up to 500 cycles)

Easy" system for easy installation, with a margin of error of 1 cm on the wall anchors

Choose the option of the width of the blind according to our measure.

Indicate the measure of the fabric, taking into account that the total width with the mechanism will be approximately 4 cm. more. Example: if we ask for a 90 cm wide blind, the fabric will measure 90 cm, but the mechanism will occupy a width of 94 cm. And that the blind should never be unrolled completely, so it will be hidden by at least 5 cm. The fabric must be ordered as an additional item.

Then choose the fabric we want for the blind, the three suggested fabrics are:

Opaque Polycanvas fabric. UpCustom photo blindsto 300 cm wide.

Polycanvas fabric. Up to 300 cm wide.

Translucent fabric. Up to 155 cm wide.

Silicone-stitched fabric fixing system for a better finish and easy replacement.

Lower counterweight seen in grey.

Option of mechanisms and chain in grey, white or black.

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