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The salons are the perfect opportunity to meet new customers, both current and potential, and must be accommodated in optimal conditions. The alveolar cardboard table is both practical and economical: a very simple and totally customizable assembly (including the foot) to be in perfect harmony with the design of the stand. 

When your client has a business meeting at his stand, the alveolar cardboard rack will store bags, coats, accessories, etc. A great sign of attention and an intelligent way to avoid clutter on the stand and maintain a good image. 

In a living room, rental furniture is often very expensive, not to mention the storage problems it can cause. The alveolar cardboard stool is designed for all of you who want to receive your customers in good condition. It is very comfortable, can be assembled in 2 minutes and is ideal for workshops and conferences. Once disassembled for storage, it takes up very little space. 

It creates a VIP area for important appointments. You can propose to the client that he equip his stand with this area as a complement to the personalized table. The cardboard chair furniture will allow you to create a cosy and comfortable workspace, perfectly adapted to the image of your client. The assembly is very quick and the compact cardboard offers excellent resistance and a very good result. 

And finally, attend your customers with the reception counter, perfect for any event. It can be installed quickly and without tools. 

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