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Polypropylene sheets with honeycomb and bubble structure

Fully customize your posters for real estate and advertising posters in cellular polypropylene

It is as simple as selecting the size of the poster in polypropylene and sending the chart of your poster for business or any other type of personalized design.

Akyprint®, resistant material with bubble structure

You can select polypropylene sheets with a honeycomb structure or Akyprint® bubble structure. This latest material offers long outdoor durability (up to two years) and a perfect surface for high quality printing, making it an excellent support for promotional materials.

 Cheap Posters

The polypropylene signs are ideal for real estate and outdoor as the cellular propylene is a lightweight material and great resistance to be placed on facades.

The posters in polypropylene are easy to place with the eyelets (eyelets) as accessories.

Polypropylene printing offers long outdoor durability of more than 3 years, ideal for business posters.

Apart from posters for business the use of posters in polypropylene is very varied, from outdoor advertising to events and exhibitions.

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