Microperforated vinyl

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Microperforated is a micro-perforated adhesive vinyl that allows you to print your design and advertising on your windows, so that people outside the business can see your promotion and you inside your business can observe everything that goes outside Of your business the importance of a microperforated is that your local is not exposed to other people can see what is happening inside it. With the microperforated you can be sure that people do not see what is happening inside your business and thus have total control of being able to visualize what is happening outside your business.

Especially suitable for applying on the external face of shop windows and vehicles. It is homologated to pass the ITV in the vehicles with the vinyls placed in the part of the trunk. Rear windows with occupant or where the papers put that are mixed vans, can not be labeled for the simple fact of having mixed van certification. To pass the ITV you need to have a special adhesive installed between the glass and the sheet that will be delivered (1 for each image) and placed one for each glass on the outside.

When putting on the rear glass of the car it is advised to remove directly or not using the car cleaner. When it has the sheet placed the clean does not remove the water is left inside the holes and has to evaporate alone, but on the other hand if we give the clean will scratch the impression and deteriorate very quickly.

Ask us budget indicating where you want to place it and the size of each surface. We will respond as soon as possible.

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